511Ly1dfmYLWind • Water • QED, 2016 • 64pp

What on Earth? was inspired by the interdisciplinary approach of my Human Sciences degree.

Each book takes children on a journey of discovery to explore the natural world and the way that people interact with it. Explore, create and investigate, as you learn about culture, history, arts and crafts, as well as the science behind each topic. The books are packed with hands-on activities, and each spread is a new adventure!

Enchantingly illustrated by Pau Morgan.

“This delightful book takes a good long look at water and the water cycle from a variety of angles — science, household experiments, folklore, biology, poems, outdoor fun, and more. The illustrations are truly charming, rendered in a flat/retro-style, that my kids (and I) really enjoy. The witty descriptions help make the topics engaging and fun. This is a top-notch way to approach these complex topics, in a fun style which takes into account the humanities as well as the sciences” Pioneer Education, on amazon.com