Will you run workshops at my school?

I’d love to! Please visit my workshops page to find out more, or email isabel@isabelthomas.co.uk.

I’m offering independent schools the opportunity to #Buy2Give1Free. Book a two-day visit and nominate a local maintained school to receive the second day!

As a primary school governor, I recognise that budget cuts can make it difficult or impossible for schools to afford author visits. At the same time many independent schools are actively looking for ways to partner with local state schools to support social mobility and enrichment opportunities. My visits combine science and literacy, so they are a great way to inspire pupils across the curriculum. Please get in touch to find out more about #Buy2Give1Free.

Do you have any advice for reluctant readers and writers?

I’ve written lots of blogs and vlogs for Oxford Owl sharing my tips for encouraging children to find joy in reading and writing – often through science and nature! Here are some links:

Do you have any advice about writing for children?

I highly recommend the Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, which is a treasury of information and support. It was a dream come true to write an article for the Yearbook myself. You’ll find it in the 2018 or 2019 edition, on page 135: Writing adventures in the real world: children’s non-fiction.

I’ve also written two blogs full of advice for their website:

Can dogs swim in ice-cream?

One of my best jobs is answering children’s science questions for Whizz Pop Bang magazine. This was one of my all-time favourites!

Let’s imagine the ice cream has melted. Ice cream mix is thicker and more gloopy than water – scientists say it’s more viscous. So is it possible to swim in a liquid that’s more viscous than water? To find out, scientists added guar gum – an ingredient that’s actually found in ice cream – to a swimming pool. This created a gloopy liquid twice as thick as water. They discovered that people swam at exactly the same speed in the ‘ice cream pool’ and a normal pool! Although it’s harder for a swimmer to move their arms or legs through a gloopier liquid, each stroke pushes them forwards with more force. So dogs could swim in ice cream, as long as you melted it first. But DON’T try this at home – it would be a waste of perfectly good ice cream!