Raintree, 2013 • 24pp

Angry • Jealous • Sad • Happy • Proud • Shy • Caring • Worried

Each book in this series looks at a different emotion. The books help young children to identify their emotions, and provide tips and advice on how best to express and deal with them. Each spread features a different scenario for children to discuss, all drawn from real-life experiences.

Illustrated by Clare Elsom

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“This is a wonderful book to help children learn about the emotion anger. It not only shows it is a normal and natural emotion it also gives many helpful tools to help the child appropriately express anger.” – amazon.com review of ‘Angry’

This community-minded series aims to help readers identify common emotions they or others might have. Students are assured that it’s normal and acceptable to feel negative feelings, but they must be expressed in ways that are not hurtful to others. Jealous, Proud, Sad, and Shy are notable for their nuanced treatment of complex affects. – School Library Journal