Illustrated by Aaron Cushley • Bloomsbury, 2022

A Guardian Best Book of 2022! “Top-notch nonfiction from a profoundly accomplished author, it’s the sort of book that could ignite lifelong scientific curiosity.”

Recommended by Children’s Books Ireland on Today with Claire Byrne! “This book is absolutely mind-blowing, and I would have loved it as a child.”

Recommended by Twinkl for inspiring reading for pleasure

Recommended by Nature Ecology & Evolution! “The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions is filled with interesting questions and engaging, science-based answers. There is plenty to appeal to curiosity about the physical and biological world and author Isabel Thomas takes every opportunity to introduce fundamental scientific concepts in an accessible way for readers over the age of 7.”

Recommended by ReadPlus! “Right from the very first chapter, ‘Shall I tell you a secret?’ where the author tells the reader that science is about asking questions, it is clear this will become a treasured bedtime or indeed, anytime book.”

The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions Why are bubbles always round? Could I ever touch a rainbow? Why can’t I remember being a baby?
Have you ever not been able to concentrate because there are SO many questions buzzing round your brain? The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions will offer answers to the most bamboozling questions and curious queries that you can think of.

How many stars are in the night sky? Why don’t animals wear clothes? Do plants have feelings? This book will define, debunk and demystify the trickiest of questions and even open your eyes to questions you have never even thought of!

With engaging and accessible text and accompanied by exciting, inviting illustrations, The Bedtime Book of Impossible Questions is the perfect bedside companion to delve into when you are wondering if there really is an answer to everything.

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