Raintree, 2015 and 2016 • 32pp

Experiments with… Sound • Light • Electricity • Heating & Cooling • Forces • Magnets • Materials • Plants

Children can work like scientists and learn about the scientific method, with engaging text, real-life examples and fun step-by-step experiments. This series brings eight different areas of science to life, explaining the concepts then encouraging children to see for themselves by getting hands-on!

When it comes to science, no textbook can replace diving right in and getting your hands dirty. These titles give readers an easy and safe way to do so. Each volume features four chapters, each of which concludes with experiments that offer kids a chance to try out what they’ve just learned. The design is clear and attractive, and useful sidebars (“Real World Science,” “Is It Fair?”) provide context for aspiring scientists” – School Library Journal review

“Featuring straightforward instructions, the projects will challenge kids without overwhelming them. Sidebars actively engage the reader’s critical thinking skills while emphasizing the significance of the scientific process and the power of observation. Uncluttered, the layout is clean and visually appealing, allowing readers to concentrate on the information without being distracted by unnecessary text and images” – School Library Journal review


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