QED, 2016 • 64pp

Have you ever dreamed of being a hero?

Get ready. The planet’s under threat and it’s time for you to come to the rescue!

Earth isn’t about to be zapped by a giant laser or conquered by aliens. It’s much worse than that. The planet is being damaged by the everyday actions of more than 7 billion people who call it home.

Most of us don’t even realize we’re doing anything wrong. Does it really matter of one person drops one crisp packet on the ground? But tiny actions add up. If 7 billion people drop a crisp packet, that’s enough litter to stretch to the Moon and back. Twice.

Luckily, small eco-friendly actions can add up too – and that’s where you come in. You don’t have to be super strong, super smart or wear your pants over your tights to be an eco hero. (Phew!) You just need to find ways to make a difference in your local area. The projects in this book are the perfect way to start.

Illustrated by Chris Andrews.

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