Battle of the adjectives

Posted on Aug 7, 2012 in Zookeeping | One Comment

What I am not doing this week.

My lucky, lucky sisters are on grown up gap years, spending 2012 travelling the world. Great timing on their part, as they are several continents away just as my desperation for a babysitter peaks.

Still, I get occasional updates to break up the domestic slog. ‘Just been hang gliding over Rio’. ‘Survived the parachute jump! Just!’

One also keeps a blog, and the world is giving her plenty to write about. Sample post: ‘Seeing is believing at Angkor Wat and its surrounding temples… they are languid and grandiose, with soaring towers and lush vegetation. The sprawling ruins encompass epic battles between nature and stone; the incredible detail in this decrepit splendour combines remarkable preservation with a lack of concern, allowing tourists to scramble over the ruins and get up close and personal.’

Now I know my way around a thesaurus, but I’m not sure my subject matter entirely lends itself to this style of blogging. Still, I’ll work with what I have:

My 2 year old has been unwell, with frequent bad tempers and even more frequent bad nappies. Seeing is believing… they are fetid and funky, with malodorous fumes and putrid vegetation. His leaking nappies encompass epic battles between nature and nylon; the incredible detail in this whiffy splendour combines remarkable preservation (of raisins) with a lack of concern for parental olfactory cells.

As for getting up close and personal… we won’t go there.

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  1. Crumbs & Pegs
    August 7, 2012

    Ewww. Funky is a word I’ve never associated with full nappies! Look on the bright side though – no need for anti-malarials.