I’m so excited to have worked with Domestika to create an affordable and accessible course on pitching non-fiction picture books.

It’s perfect for teachers, scientists, fiction writers and illustrators and anyone else who would love to communicate their wonder and knowledge of the world to young audiences.

Join me and work alongside me through four hours’ of tuition, to develop original ideas and work them up into a professional pitch, using techniques and templates that have helped me publish 200 books and counting! We have some brilliant conversations going in the forums, ask me anything you like.

Watch the trailer below, and join the course here. (Please use my link to join, so that Domestika knows you’ve come through me!)

Learn how to form a captivating idea for a picturebook and develop it into a professional book proposal that engages publishers

When it comes to writing non-fiction books for children, the choice of topics is endless, and each of them can help young readers learn more about the world. Award-winning science writer and children’s book author Isabel Thomas has written over 180 non-fiction titles, published in over 30 languages. The first step in her process? Writing a pitch that captures the attention of publishers.

In this course, she shows you step-by-step how to create an original non-fiction picturebook idea and craft it into a polished pitch. Explore strategies for ideation, storyboarding, writing a sample text, and more. The pitch is the first step on the bridge between your ideas and the moment your book is realized. Ready to write yours?