Oxford University Press, 2022 • 96pp

The Invisible World of Germs (2022)
Earth’s Immense Oceans (2023)
The Earth’s Essential Rainforests (2024)

As a massive fan of OUP’s bestselling Very Short Introductions series, I’m very proud to be an author for the new series for young audiences!

In July 2022, I had the huge honour of giving a family science talk in the famous Royal Institution lecture theatre – all about germs! While I was there, I taught the audience how to make their own pet bacteriophages – germs that infect germs. If you’d like to make one, download the template and instructions here: Make a pet phage.

Very Short Introductions for Curious Young Minds introduces young readers to the ideas, facts, and vocabulary behind an absorbing range of subjects.

• For Curious Young Minds aged 9+, this series builds on Oxford’s bestselling series, Very Short Introductions, which has more than 700 titles.
• Clearly explained, each book reveals mind-blowing facts, essential vocabulary, and dramatic discoveries.
• Introduces diverse subjects from across the curriculum in a collectible format – inspire young people to understand some of life’s more complex subjects, extending across the humanities, technology, social sciences, arts, earth sciences, computing, physics, engineering…
• Glossaries and language based on The Oxford Children’s Corpus help motivate children to succeed and engage.