Are you…

  • aged 7 to 11?


  • interested in science, art and making stuff?

Lots of children in the UK aren’t returning to primary school until September, so I came up with a plan to run a STEAM club for my youngest sons’ classes (they’re in Year 3 and Year 5).

The Secret School for Curious Children is inspired by Marie Curie and her friends, who set up a floating school for their own children, to explore the sciences and arts in a hands-on way.

Each Friday you’ll get an email with a little bit of awesome science, and ideas for two fun, hands-on arty science / sciencey art activities to help you explore the weird and wonderful world around you.

Week 1: Colour Explosion!

I’ll show you three brilliant ways to use science and things from your kitchen to make multicoloured magical art at home.

1. Chroma-zoology
2. Neon Cabbage Art
3. The Neverending Bottle

If you would like to get the Secret School activities each week, please ask a parent or carer to subscribe using the form below.

P.S. Use the form to send me your curious questions too. (They can be questions about insects, the sky, socks, bananas, atoms or ANYTHING you like!) We’ll try and answer some of your questions together over the next 10 weeks.


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How much does it cost?
It’s totally free to subscribe to the Secret School for Curious Children emails!
If you enjoy the activities and would like to buy me a coffee to fuel future initiatives, I have a creative profile on Buy Me a Coffee:

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What equipment will I need?
Most activities will use things from around the house. I like finding creative ways to use what we’ve got, rather than buying special things. For some items I’ll suggest a few alternatives.