Oxford University Press, 2022 • 96pp

The Invisible World of Germs (2022)
Earth’s Immense Oceans (2023)

As a massive fan of OUP’s bestselling Very Short Introductions series, I’m very proud to be an author for the new series for young audiences!

Very Short Introductions for Curious Young Minds introduces young readers to the ideas, facts, and vocabulary behind an absorbing range of subjects.

• For Curious Young Minds aged 9+, this series builds on Oxford’s bestselling series, Very Short Introductions, which has more than 700 titles.
• Clearly explained, each book reveals mind-blowing facts, essential vocabulary, and dramatic discoveries.
• Introduces diverse subjects from across the curriculum in a collectible format – inspire young people to understand some of life’s more complex subjects, extending across the humanities, technology, social sciences, arts, earth sciences, computing, physics, engineering…
• Glossaries and language based on The Oxford Children’s Corpus help motivate children to succeed and engage.